Here it is, the very first Crimopolis newsletter. Thank you for signing up! Amazing progress has happened in the past couple of months and it’s time to divulge the news. If there is anything in here you’d like to comment on, please contact us!
We are thriiiilled to bits: Crimopolis will be manufactured. We have played the game with hundreds of people of all age ranges. The game rules are well tested and now set in stone. We played Crimopolis in New Zealand, Asia, North America and Europe. Wherever we had people play a game or just watch others play, the excitingly happy feedback we got pushed us to go the last mile: We bring Crimopolis to your gaming table.
PAX South Indie Showcase 2019
Our highlight so far was to attend the PAX South Indie Showcase in San Antonio, Texas. That’s not because it was a big event. It was because the only way to get into the showcase is when Penny Arcade selects you. This year, there were seven Indie publishers in total, just two from outside the USA. Being selected is a huge honour. It caused us to go into “party” mode: four weeks of crazy preparation for this one in a lifetime event. PAX claimed the showcase games to be “[…] some of the most innovative and fun independent tabletop titles of the year.” Photos in our gallery and a short video is on YouTube.
Enough of the past. What is happening next?
Kickstarter in June 2019
Yes, we will run a Kickstarter project for our final funding. This is especially thanks to our fans in the US and Europe. Launch is in June. We will inform you about a more accurate date in approximately four weeks’ time. By that point we’ll also have estimated pledge tags available.
We have places in New Zealand which kindly offered free pickup service of your game: Comics Compulsion (Christchurch), Dice & Fork (Auckland) and Game Centre (Hamilton). A big thank you from us! We also work on free pickup in the USA and plan on getting one or two pickups organized in Europe depending on early backer feedback.
If you wish us to contact your local board game shop, board game café, or library to organize free pickup, please reply via our contact page with some context and we’ll see whether pickup in your area is possible.
Release Date in November 2019
The countdown started. We are in negotiation with three shortlisted manufacturers, all with slightly different timelines. We are working on production quotes as you read this newsletter. We have a manufacturing plan in place. Next step is to get digital files ready for design verification with the to be chosen factory. The current worst-case scenario is to have all individual deliveries triggered in November. This is less than 8 months away. Crimopolis will be under your best friend’s Christmas tree if you wish so.
Retail and Deluxe Editions
A bit of a premature information: we are likely to publish Crimopolis in two editions. We may go back to just one depending on how the negotiations with the manufacturers go. What we plan is an extremely affordable yet quality 💣 Retail Edition 💣 which includes the components for 2-4 players plus rule variations to adjust game length and strategic depth. The 💎 Deluxe Edition 💎 comes with our spectacular 12 cm church and graveyard, different shapes for the gangsters, components for the 5th player, support for colour-blind people, blank components for your own creativity and a plastic insert to store the over 130 cards + 200 components.
New Artwork in Progress
Our illustrator Sam is creating over 100 pieces of art. During the next two weeks, he finishes what we call the 80% state. After that, he will add more details and depth. All illustrations will tell stories, many of them have small, often hidden scenes that wait to be discovered.
Here’s an example of how much love goes into our artwork. Tiles have a size of 6x6 cm. This post office building is about 2.7 cm tall. The woman has a height of only 7 mm and the detailed envelope in her hand fits into a 1x1 mm box. Sam puts all his heart into the Crimopolis artwork to make the game experience as immersive as possible.
Flattering BoardGameGeek Rating of 8.6
Thank you if you spent a moment to rate Crimopolis on BoardGameGeek! Even though our game got only a few votes, we are mind boggled having a current rating of 8.6. This is incredibly flattering, and we took a screenshot to remember it in case it turns out to be our all-time high.
We ❤️ your honest feedback, so may we ask you for a favour? Please have your say! Check out Crimopolis on BGG and rate the game, or add it to your wish list if you can’t wait to get a copy.
Happy Easter
from our core team Sarah, Jan, Sam and Sven!
⭐️ Web Site: crimopolis.games
⭐️ Twitter: @CheapSheepNZ
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