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Designer: Sven Obermaier
Developers: Sarah Blackburn, Jan Willert
Illustrator: Sam Rodger
Lead Play Tester: Sarah Blackburn
Sponsors: Christine Greer, Melanie Espinosa and Rich Pardoe
Proofreaders: Amanda Milne, Andrea Coffey, Benjamin Van Gieson, Brian Heath, Damian Fleming, David Jenkins, Elias Zavala, Erwin Vos, Jan Willert, Jon Mott, Keith Hall, Mandy Fuchs, Mitchel Roy, Peng Huang, Sven Obermaier, Vincent “Elcid” Marez and Wouter Eland
Special thanks to Adrian Rutkowski, April Hickson, Caffeinated Dragon Games, Comics Compulsion, Danielle Grace, Dice & Fork, Escapist NZ, Game Artisans of New Zealand, Game Centre, Ian Ross, Jacqueline Fitzsimon, James Bowman, Karen Grootscholten, Lisa Willert, Marcus Rodger, Martin Hutmacher, Mike Knowles, Natalie Fernandez, Peter & Stephie O'Brien, Rocky Heckman, Tabletop Game Designers Australia, Till Peters and Tim Elder
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