Background Story
It is said that every city has a soul. Some are colourful, some are dark. One of them stands out in splendour, grandeur and wealth. But its glory comes at a cost. Where there is wealth, there is crime. It is the year 1926 when the citizens of the most remarkable metropolitan area started calling their own home Crimopolis: the city that breeds the most notorious gangsters.
You are an averagely successful gangster in a petty town. You are tired of doing small jobs that only earn stress and scars. You have no hope for a better future. After hearing about the success stories from gangsters in big cities, you decide to become the most prestigious gangster of all times.
You move to Crimopolis and check areas where you would like to progress your career. You occupy an empty building and declare it to be your headquarters.

You recruit gangsters and assign them jobs. They move through the city and explore places where they carry out your jobs.
You must be careful. If you get too close to other gangsters, you may get into trouble. You better ambush them first or take over their occupied city blocks. You advance your ruthlessness for every other gangster you ambush. It increases your prestige and improves your ability to ambush more effectively.
When you execute jobs, your prestige in Crimopolis increases. However, what you have done causes a newsflash and you must deal with its consequences.
Stewing over ideas rewards you with fortunes. They give your gang special skills and abilities.
The player who reaches a prestige of 21 sounds the bell for the final crime. Every player has a last turn before the game ends.

Your goal is to become the most prestigious gangster in Crimopolis. There are four paths to earn prestige:
⭐️ Earn instant prestige by doing jobs.
⭐️ Increase your influence by occupying large areas of Crimopolis.
⭐️ Become more ruthless by ambushing others and increase their body counts.
⭐️ Improve you gang's abilities by investing into your fortunes.
The player with the most prestige wins.
Goals vary when you evolve the Crimopolis core game; see Strategy for more information.
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