Brave New Boardgames (16 May 2019)
Rodney Owen from Brave New Boardgames interviewed our game designer Sven about Crimopolis. Rodney's questions are about why Crimopolis got developed, the hurdles we faced and what's happening with Kickstarter. Read the entire Brave Talk here.
​​​​​​​The Geekly Grind (26 Jan 2019)
The Geekly Grind interviewed us at the PAX South 2019. We talk about the story of Crimopolis, main mechanics, history and motivation, and when the games will come out.
1 Geek 4:11 (25 Jan 2019)
Deanna and Cameron report about Crimopolis in their PAX South 2019 podcast and spend over six minutes sharing their impressions from . Full podcast here; Crimopolis starts at 12'12".
PAX South Indie Showcase (18 Jan 2019)
"Carefully and methodically selected by a panel of over 50 industry veterans, PAX South Indie Showcase represents some of the most innovative and fun independent tabletop titles of the year."
(Official PAX)
Crimopolis was selected among six other Indie tabletop games; only two were from outside the US. Scroll through impressions from the event in January 2019.
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