One of a lifetime event
Calm before the storm
The Crimopolis booth
Chatting with other designers the night before the PAX
Bumping into other exhibitors in the middle of the city
Super Blood Moon lunar eclipse during the PAX South
Who bribes who?
Crazy: thousands of tabletop free-play chairs
An hour before the PAX opened
Tens of thousands of people waiting, this is just one queue
Ten seconds after the public entered the PAX
Minutes later, we already had Crimopolis games running
Keith from Reflective Tree Games helping us explain the game to visitors
Typical cosplay photo
A random group of people playing Crimopolis
More people playing Crimopolis
Others were selling dragons ...
... we gave hundreds of these gangster meeples away for free.
More people playing Crimopolis
Some other booths had an amazing setup ...
... our booth was rather simple, showcasing our illustrator's work
One corner of the exhibition mall
Most of the time we were packed like this
Exhibitors view: two games running with 11 people queuing and spectating
Another cosplay shot
Crime planning
Players in action
Lots of people Wanted to buy Crimopolis straight from the booth
The Crimopolis booth in the middle of the expo hall
Prestige board in action
Typical photo shot with our 1920s flapper
Proud to be in 50,000 or so copies of the PAX guide
Jan helping gangsters to ambush each other
Sven spectating a Crimopolis game
A board in action
Another cosplay shot
And one more
Some setups were iconic ...
... we brought our mascots instead
Exhibitors drinks at the end of day one
Look: Crimopolis is a fun family game
We have had these plus another 30 T-shirts to give away
One lucky winner
And more lucky winners
Lots of people were laughing while playing Crimopolis, a strategy game that we originally though causes tinkering
Our helper from Reflective Tree Games (right), and a neighbour from Absurdist Productions
Jan posing
More happy Cimopolis players
Enforcers cleaned the hall every night ...
... however, some visitors could finish their Crimopolis game in a near empty expo hall
A new fan wearing a Cimopolis T-shirt
Some other games had a nice tabletop presence ...
... so we tried them, here: Escape from Dulce
The Night Cage is our pick from the PAX South: get your hands on it
The PAX South Indie Showcase family 2019
Even on our way back to NZ, we found time to play Crimopolis with a stranger at an airport
What an experience. Thank you PAX! We're honoured that you invited us to show off Crimopolis.
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