Explained in 500 Characters
Crimopolis is a fast-paced strategy board game about bean-shooters, chippies and dough in a city where nothing counts but underground influence. Set in 1926, your aim is to become the most prestigious criminal. You recruit gangsters, explore the city, execute illicit jobs, ambush others and take over their assets. News reporters get in the way, but fortunes balance it.
For 2-5 players aged 12 and up. A game lasts for 15 to 25 minutes per player.
Type of Game and Audience
Crimopolis is a mixture of a Eurogame featuring strategy with multiple winning paths and downplaying luck, and an Amerigame allowing for an immersive 1920s gangster theme with direct player conflict and highly intuitive rules. The game length can be freely adjusted: shorter games increase luck, longer games deepen game plays. The recommended game length balances both and allows for harmonious family game nights.
What Makes the Game Unique?
The game mechanics follow the theme so tightly that the few rules make sense to all types of players. Casual players learn the rules quickly and memorize them easily. Hardcore players like the depth of strategy that opens up after a few rounds of the game. There are four winning paths which can be freely chosen, mixed, and changed causing a constant strategy adjustments to react to other players' strategies.
Crimopolis has a one of a kind built-in framework that allows players to adjust the depth and complexity by adding game mechanics and combine them at will, so it suits all people with interest in light to heavy strategy games. The framework also allows to adjust the player count from 1 to 7. For more information see Strategy.

Explained in 120 Seconds
We made the video for the The Board Game Workshop Design Contest 2018. The pitch explains the core game only consisting of the most lightweight strategy Crimopolis has to offer.
See Rules to watch the full How to Play video.
The video shows prototype components from September 2018. We are working on pre-production components and will replace this pitch video with an updated version in June 2019.
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