Board Games By The Bay welcomes gamers in Hamilton.
The doors have opened.
Within an hour, most game tables are filled.
BGBTB's library was bigger than ever.
Crime beats the weak ...
... and you'll get it back quickly.
Jason from the BGBTB crew announces prize winners.
Another group finding their way through the dark streets of Crimopolis.
A rare view of a players finishing with more than 30 points and a graveyard full of tombstones.
Turns out kids are loving Crimopolis.
Designer Sven teaches Crimopolis.
Worker placement at its best.
My mega fan Rowan who begged his dad to allow him to attend BGBTB for Crimopolis.
A game of two in a comparatively small city.
This family loved Crimopolis and can't wait for it to be on their home table.
This necklace is from a limited edition.
Amazing to see Crimopolis between big titles like Catan, Azul, and Root.
Playing the only strategy crime game that makes people laugh.
Looks like ambushes are about to happen.
Classic 3-player setup.
Two games of Crimopolis played at the same time.
A couple is enjoying the 2-player version of Crimopolis.
A new fan is born.
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