Cosplay at BGBTB in Christchurch.
Shortly before BGBTB opens their doors for the very first time in the South Island.
The Crimopolis table.
The first criminals are fighting for the largest prestige.
Juliet from BGBTB is proudly wearing her gangster earrings.
The Crimopolis graveyard is overlooking the gangsters in the city.
Placing a gangster before committing another crime.
Other designers were present such as Lupus Games with their game Bismarck's Castle.
Four of the five people who made BGBTB happen in Christchurch.
Table presence shortly before a new game.
Spot prizes from Cheap Sheep Games: escape vouchers and a gangster mug.
Super fan Josiah (blue shirt) helps others to master Crimopolis.
Tight finish at the end of a game.
BGBTB is sponsored by many companies and people.
Playing Hoard from Cheeky Parrots, a publisher from Auckland.
Tombstones on the graveyard count ambushed gangsters.
A little bit of take that actions causing another laughter at this game.
Zara, 9, was one of the best Crimopolis players this weekend.
One day, there will be Crimopolis in the game library.
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